Philly Game Mechanics is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable 501(c)(3) trust supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region. We focus on supporting and growing the game development and enthusiast community in Philadelphia. We provide events, resources and networking opportunities for artists, musicians, programmers and all sorts of creatives. We believe in providing a safe space for students, hobbyists, and professionals to create. We think that community visibility and collaboration provides value not only for the immediate community but to the whole city.


Philly Game Mechanics, a project of


Philly Game Mechanics is an entirely community run organization, still some community members have dedicated themselves to accomplishing tasks to keep everything moving onwards and upwards. Here is the list of the “Dev Knights”, the community members who help out. If you are interested in donating time to help the organization please see the contact page or find one of us at one of our events.

Tabitha Arnold



Tabitha has a background in fine arts focusing in weaving pieces with a sculptural and architectural quality. She also found she loved making analog games for friends and pursued that to several monthly game jam wins.

Jake O'Brien



Jake started up his own game development company at Indy Hall. While meeting up with a lot of other developers in the area he helped start the Unity devs meetup, which would grow up to become part of Philly Game Mechanics.

Corey Arnold

Corey is a writer with a deep love for tabletop gaming. Corey is also the Program Manager of Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio, where he assists student developers as they design, build, market and launch their games.

Nick Rome


Nick might be the best pen and paper GM you’ve never heard of. He is an animator and developer during the day and does an excellent job of giving people fantastical adventures to go on in his spare time.

Camden Segal



Camden is a exerpeinced developer that knows no bounds when it comes to the platforms or tools that he wants to work with. Among the community, Camden is one of the most accomplished game jammers.

Kotaro Fujita



Kotaro is an iOS developer/iOS sticker vanguard, partnering up with different people on the regular to get their iOS message enhancements out into the world.

Nicole Kline



Nicole, is an expert in tabletop game development and design, and is part of the powerhouse tabletop game company Carboard Fortress. With Cardboard Fortress, Nicole has release several games, and has run multiple successful Kickstarters.

Steve Pettit



Steve is motion capture technician, a 3D artist, a game developer, and when not working digitally, is a music and bicycle enthusiast. Steve also has passion for wrestling, participating in matches both home and aborad.

Karley Karensky


Karley is an artist that lives in both 2D and 3D, and brings each of these to life through the magic of animation.

Rachel Stein



Rachel Stine makes interactive art and teaches youth digital media classes. She is also the official coffee and pastry provider of Philly Game Mechanics.

Shawn Pierre



Shawn works on games and does other things.


The worlds most helpful Slack bot. Can play battleship, and spit some monumental freestyle raps. Can also flip a coin a lot.

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