Iron Chef Game Jam

Philly's annual live action party game arena jam returns November 16th


Indy Hall

3rd Floor, 399 Market St, Philadelphia


Thursday, Nov 16

7pm - 11pm


What is this?

Iron Chef Jam is a one-night analog (not video) game jam. We will get together, form teams, and create games out of provided materials. The theme of the jam will be a "secret ingredient" (provided) that all teams must use in their game. Then, the games will be judged and a victor crowned.

Do I need a team beforehand?

Not at all. Pre-formed teams are ok, but discouraged. Part of the magic of jams is working with people you haven’t worked with before. We will be facilitating team formation at the event.

Will it be like last year?

Yes and no. The jamming portion will be very similar. But the judging portion will be different. Instead of only the judges playing the games, and the rest of us watching the judges play, we will all be able to play all the games. Also, less whiskey. This should make the play portion of the jam much more enjoyable and gratifying for all.

Can I participate remotely?

No, you must show up.

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