Profit Jam 2019

Profit Jam is different than most PGM game jams.

It's not about theme. It's about actually shipping a game.

How Does It Work?

*What is Profit?

You define "profit" for the jam. It might mean making money. It might mean having strangers play your game. It might mean having a solid portfolio piece, getting reviewed, submitting to a festival or gallery.

The important thing is to SHIP your game

How Can We Do This?

It's an ambitious and intimidating goal, to be sure. So we're going to do it together

We will be supporting and educating each other throughout the two months we have to make the games. We invite everyone to take part in this by signing up to give talks. See full schedule below.

Take a look!

Thank you to all the speakers at each of our talks nights! Check out slides and videos below.



All events are on Thursdays at 7pm at Indy Hall

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