Exquisite Corpse Jam

August 2nd - August 16th

  • Throw off the shackles of intention. Surrender to the collective. Listen. Build on.
  • This jam we are forced to work together. We will cobble together a game, a person at a time, with nothing to go on but what has been done before us.
  • Don't talk about it. Communicate through the game.
  • Sign up, get the game for a day, add something, pass it on.
  • At the end we will have BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS


  • Don't add anything inappropriate or offensive
  • Don't delete other people's contributions, or otherwise write them out of the game
  • Don't add half-built things
  • Don't add things that don't work
  • Don't add things that force the direction of the game disproportionately
  • Do work off of previous peoples' contributions
  • Do make complete pieces that people can use in various and creative ways

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