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November 1-15
Submit a theme! We will vote to pick on the night of kickoff (November 1st)

Game Jams of Yore


  • Exquisite Corpse Jam
    Everyone gets the game for a day. Do whatever you want and pass it on! page
  • Cover Jam
    Who says you can't express yourself with other people's material. Cover a game. Make it your own. page
  • Digital Art Jam
    Make digital art. In preparation for participation in the Digital Fringe Festival
  • Sports Jam
    Are sports games? Are games sports? Jam on it. page
  • Finish Your Sh*t Jam
    No new games. Pick a project you haven't finished. Ask for help. Finish it. page
  • Global Game Jawn 2018
    Philly's location for Global Game Jam
    GGJ page page



  • Garden of Earthly Delights Jam
    Make a game inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights page
  • Philly Game Jam
    Pull a theme from a hat. Combine themes with your teammates. page
  • What If? Jam
    Make a game based on one of xkcd's What If? questions page
  • Toy Jam
    Make a toy! No objectives, just play. page
  • Down the Rabbit Hole Jam
    Explore finding yourself with no sure footing page
  • Get Out the Jam
    Field games. Outside. With people. And moving.
  • Death Jam
    Explore the way we kill and die in games page
  • 2nd Annual Iron Chef Jam
    One-night, real time, analog game jam. With provided materials. And challenges.
  • Frenemy Jam
    Combine competitive and cooperative play in the same game page
  • Global Game Jam 2016
    Philly's location for Global Game Jam
    GGJ page page
  • Tiny Jam
    Make a game with tight resources constraints page
  • Retrospective
    Not a jam, but a collection of many games from previous jams (before we had page


  • Secret Santa Jam
    Make a personalized game for another person, as a gift
  • Philly Game Jam: the Movie
    Make a game based on a movie
  • Idea Jam
    Don't make a game. Just pitch an idea for a game you might never be able to make
  • Cool Dog Jam
    Make a game for our defecting friend, Aaron Chapin
  • @turd animate me Jam
    Ask our slackbot for an animated gif. Now make that game.
  • Move Your Body Jam
    Make a game based on movement
  • Love Jam
    Dating Sims!
  • Juice Jam
    Make Breakout and juice the bejeesus out of it
  • Iron Chef Jam
    One-night, real-time analog game jam with provided ingredients
  • Profit Jam
    Make a game. Ship that game. Whoever makes the most money in month wins.
  • Single Axis of Input Jam
    Make a game that only uses one axis for input. In partnership with Penn Robotics stroke rehabilitation lab
  • Global Game Jawn 2015
    Philly's location for Global Game Jam
    GGJ page
  • Cute/Gross Jam
    Cute. And gross. Both.


  • Florida Man Jam
    Make a game based on a tweet from @_FloridaMan
  • Philly Game Jam
    Theme: Philly. What else?
  • Player is the Enemy Jam
    Make a game that griefs your players
  • My Monkey Buddy Jam
    Make a game with a freaking monkey in it!
  • Global Game Jawn 2014
    Philly's location for Global Game Jam
    GGJ page
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