Philly Game Jam

Philly's annual 24-hour game jam is returning September 16-17.

***This year's celebrity host: Greg Lobanov*** (via Skype)


Terra Hall, 12 Floor

University of the Arts

211 S. Broad St., Phila


Saturday, Sept 16 - Sunday, Sept 17

Doors: Noon Saturday

Jam: 1pm Saturday - 1pm Sunday

Judging and awards: 1pm- 3pm Sunday

What is this?

We will all get together, in one location, receive a theme, form teams, and make games based on that theme. All in 24 hours. Then, the games will be judged and awards given.

Do I need a team beforehand?

Not at all. Pre-formed teams are ok, but discouraged. Part of the magic of jams is working with people you haven’t worked with before. We will be facilitating team formation at the event.

Can I make a non-video game?

Yes, of course! Tabletop and other analog games are totally welcome.

What is provided?

We will provide space, tables, chairs, power, internet, restrooms and limited places to crash (couches, comfy chairs).

What is not provided?

Anything you need to make your game: computer, monitor, Wacom tablets, analog game materials.

Overnight gear: sleeping bag or blanket, toiletries.

Food and drink: feel free to bring or buy in the area. There’s a Wawa right downstairs and lots of stores/restaurants/cafes close by.

Do I have to stay overnight?

Nope, but you’ll miss all the slaphappy 5am jam crazies.

Can I participate remotely?

Sure, let us know on the sign up form so we can get the theme to you. Also, know that it will be difficult to participate in team formation remotely, but this is a good option if you’re solo jamming or have a remote team.

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