Philly Game Mechanics is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable 501(c)(3) trust supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region. We focus on supporting and growing the game development and enthusiast community in Philadelphia. We provide events, resources and networking opportunities for artists, musicians, programmers and all sorts of creatives. We believe in providing a safe space for students, hobbyists, and professionals to create. We think that community visibility and collaboration provides value not only for the immediate community but to the whole city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Philly Game Mechanics is a charitable organization focused on supporting game development and indie game enthusiasts in Philadelphia, PA.

  • We host game related events, provide networking opportunities, offer resources, and create a safe environment for creative people of all skill levels.

  • The next event is: .

  • You just have to bring yourself! You're also more than welcome to bring a game, or something cool, that you're working on.

  • Show & Tell is a segment where people show off what they're working on. You're also open to taking questions if you want!

  • No! We have people of all skill levels attend, so already knowing how to make a game is not required.

  • TBA

  • A game jam is an event where you make a game over a period of time. Our game jams usually run about two weeks.

  • We have one, and you can read it here.

Philly Game Mechanics is a community run organization. If you are interested in donating time to help the organization, please see the contact page or find one of us at one of our events.

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