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What is the Phillytron?

The Phillytron is a physical and cyberspace arcade collection of games, jam games, music, and interactive curiosities made in Philadelphia. It is using the Winnitron launcher software to manage executables as well as upload games to a network where others using the software can download and play these games. We will be taking this cabinet all over to various events so your game can be seen by as many people as possible!

Does my game work on it?

Probably! Most games that compile to Windows exe will work. The cabinet supports 4 players, each with one stick and 3 buttons. Most of the work is setting up controls to match a specific keyboard layout.

How do I do it?

Check out our guide here note that this document is prone to changes. If you attend any game mechanics event you can also ask Steve P for help.

I don’t make games, can I put something on the cabinet?

Anything that is interactable can be put on it. As well if you are a musician, the cabinet menu features a jukebox. We simply need an .ogg song with a specific name outlined in the how to do it document linked above.

Phillytron Games
Real Boxing Actual Boxing

Real Boxing Actual Boxing


Ghost Castle

Ghost Castle

Queen of Space Coronation

Queen of Space Coronation

Sword Bros

Sword Bros

Website - steam -

Bullets X Blades



Indivisible (Fan Game)

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